Maunik Sakariya

Who am I ?

  • Proficient in software engineering, technical analysis and technical support, I possess a strong foundation, underscored by successful involvement in various cloud-based projects. Additionally, I hold certifications from Microsoft and AWS, validating my expertise in cloud technologies.
  • Possess in-depth knowledge and practical experience in cloud computing, with a focus on continuous learning and selfimprovement.
  • Eager to contribute to a dynamic and innovative team in the IT industry, driven by dedication, hard work, and the desire to be the best version of myself.

What I Do

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As a DevOps Engineer, my primary focus is automating tasks that consume significant time. My main objective is to streamline the product delivery process, aiming to minimize the time taken from development to deployment.


Web Developer

As a skilled web developer, I bring creativity to life through coding. I design and develop web solutions, blending aesthetics with functionality to create engaging and user-friendly online experiences.


Technical Analysis

As a Technical Analyst, my central goal revolves around deciphering complex data patterns and trends to make informed decisions in various domains. I aim to develop sophisticated analytical models and tools to enhance decision-making processes and optimize operational efficiencies. My primary focus is on leveraging technology to extract actionable insights from data, facilitating strategic planning and driving business growth.



Honors & awards


What I do ?


Feb 2024 - Present
Interac Corp.

Technical Analyst / Network Engineer

Contract Full-time
  • Directly involved in the Footprint Reduction Project, managing the decommissioning of hardware on-site at Interac’s Toronto Equinix location, ensuring compliance with ISO processes and procedures. Assisting in the new hardware refresh project on-site and responsible for building resources in the cloud or configuring SaaS solutions.
  • Currently involved the VPN Replacement Project, overseeing setup, review of proofs of concepts, and testing and validating items from an end-user perspective. Providing comprehensive end-user training and support, and handling hypercare and troubleshooting issues for both Windows and MAC systems.
  • Actively engaged in technical and end-user documentation for various projects, ensuring all processes are thoroughly documented for reference and future use.
  • Actively managing Active Directory group and policy management, optimizing user access and security protocols.
Sep - Dec 2023
Interac Corp.

Technical Analyst

Co-Op / Internship
  • Provided support, troubleshooting, and resolution for hardware and software issues via calls and tickets, utilizing technologies such as Microsoft Active Directory, Intune, and ServiceNow, while demonstrating proficiency in Microsoft 365, Windows 10, Visio, Exchange, SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive.
  • Implemented and managed Mosyle for controlling and rolling out updates on Apple devices, ensuring efficient device management and compliance.
  • Spearheaded projects involving DLP (Data Loss Prevention) installation on MacBook and Windows computers, contributing to enhanced security measures across platforms, and successfully added over 700 mobile phones in Intune supervised mode, optimizing device management and security protocols.
  • Mar - Aug 2023
    Carry Telecom

    Technical Support Representative

    Contract Full-time
    •  Facilitated resolution of 5000+ client issues through effective communication and documentation of progress; achieved 90% customer satisfaction rating.
    • problem resolution time by 25% for internet, phone, and TV services, improving customer satisfaction and service delivery.
    • Escalated Level 2 and 3 IT issues to the Manager, ensuring timely resolution and minimal disruption to business operations.
    • Provided network support and resolved technical problems, using troubleshooting techniques to identify root causes and
      prevent recurrence.
    • Used ticketing systems and documented troubleshooting procedures, ensuring accurate tracking and reporting of all IT issues.
    Apr 2021 - Mar 2022

    Software Engineer

    Full-time, Permanent
  • Developed and implemented scalable and maintainable application components using Python, Flask, and JavaScript, incorporating feedback from stakeholders, resulting in a 20% increase in user satisfaction and alignment with company objectives.
  • Reduced problem resolution time by 30% through successful deployment of development and testing infrastructure on AWS, resulting in faster and more efficient software development and deployment processes.
  • Designed and developed a virtual trainer application using JavaScript and Python that tracked users' workout progress and provided real-time feedback, leading to a significant 50% increase in user engagement and retention.
  • Demonstrated leadership skills by leading a team of interns and collaborating with cross-functional teams to deliver the project on time and within budget.

  • Project:

    Jan 2021 - Apr 2023

    Web & WordPress Developer

    • Developed websites for international clients, using WordPress and web frameworks, improving online presence and lead
    • Ensured seamless website functionality and responsiveness across multiple devices through responsive design principles and
      cross-browser compatibility testing.
    • Some of my projects :,,,,,


    May 2022 - Dec 2023

    Cloud Computing

    Loyalist College


    Bachelor of computer science


    Design Skills

    Web Design


    Print Design


    Logo Design


    Graphic Design


    Coding Skills












    • Marketing
    • Print
    • Digital Design
    • Social Media
    • Time Management
    • Communication
    • Problem-Solving
    • Social Networking
    • Flexibility



    Honors & awards


    Toronto, Canada

    +1 647 818 4812

    Available For Full time

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