Who am I ?

  • Proficient in software engineering, technical analysis and technical support, I possess a strong foundation, underscored by successful involvement in various cloud-based projects. Additionally, I hold certifications from Microsoft and AWS, validating my expertise in cloud technologies.
  • Possess in-depth knowledge and practical experience in cloud computing, with a focus on continuous learning and selfimprovement.
  • Eager to contribute to a dynamic and innovative team in the IT industry, driven by dedication, hard work, and the desire to be the best version of myself.

What I Do

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As a DevOps Engineer, my primary focus is automating tasks that consume significant time. My main objective is to streamline the product delivery process, aiming to minimize the time taken from development to deployment.


Web Developer

As a skilled web developer, I bring creativity to life through coding. I design and develop web solutions, blending aesthetics with functionality to create engaging and user-friendly online experiences.


Technical Analysis

As a Technical Analyst, my central goal revolves around deciphering complex data patterns and trends to make informed decisions in various domains. I aim to develop sophisticated analytical models and tools to enhance decision-making processes and optimize operational efficiencies. My primary focus is on leveraging technology to extract actionable insights from data, facilitating strategic planning and driving business growth.



Honors & awards